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Racing teams can apply for racing support from Red Line Oil during our open enrollment period on the Fall, between October 1st and December 15th. A link to the racing sponsorship form will be available below during that period. 

Applications are carefully reviewed. While performance and currently using Red Line product are important elements, Red Line relies on teams to build a positive social media presence and represent themselves with good sportsmanship and citizenship in their communities. In return for your efforts and commitment, Red Line provides product and/or discounts or product and apparel, also helping to boost awareness about your racing through our media outlets and by creating testimonials about your accomplishments with Red Line products. As a sponsored racer, among other benefits, you will have also have access to our technical staff for help with lowering your racing costs and improving performance with the correct product applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I buy product?

  1. Product can be purchased through our website, REDLINEOIL.COM This is the only store where our contingency codes and sponsorship support must channel through.

How and when do I apply?

  1. Sponsorship application opens October 1st and closes December 15th for the following race season. Simply click on the tab "racer application" and complete the form. We will be reviewing all applications and have an answer to you mid-January.

What are the requirements and what is expected from me?

  1. Agree to exclusively use Red Line fluids and lubricants in your race vehicle when applicable.
  2. Agree to represent our company name and product reputation in a positive and professional manner on and off the racetrack. Agree to operate your race vehicle only at sanctioned racing events and tests.
  3. Agree to promote Red Line products to drive sales to local dealers, amazon, Summit and JEGS.
  4. Agree to clearly exhibit Red Line Oil decals, patches, logo banners and clothing at all times. Digital files are provided upon request.
  5. Agree to mention our company name or products in all media contact.
  6. Agree to actively educate fans, enthusiasts, other racers, mechanics, technicians, as well as industry and factory representatives about the advantages that you have experienced using Red Line Oil Lubricants. Testimonials shall be provided as verbal or written and publishable regarding performance improvements and increased equipment durability.
  7. Agree to keep accurate records of service and maintenance as well as associated performance, for comparison to previously used lubricants.
  8. Agree to list Red Line Synthetic Oil as your sponsor on all event entries, sponsor listing, sponsor pit boards or event displays.
  9. By July 1st, provide a minimum of one unsigned, high-resolution digital photo including you, your team, and race machine during the year in team graphics with Red Line Oil logos clearly visible for publication by Red Line Oil Synthetic Corporation. This is for our reference and possible use on our website.