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Racing Motor Oil

Racing Motor Oil

Racing oils provide more wear protection than motor oils for passenger vehicles, however, these products contain fewer detergents and are not suitable for street use

Engine Oil Break-In Additive

Buy cheap motor oil for break-in? Only if you add this…

20WT Race Oil (5W20)

A favorite of 4-Cycle karters, low drag and serious protection.

30WT Race Oil (10W30)

If you watch your oil temp, you know this viscosity is likely the right one.

40WT Race Oil (15W40)

Drag racers, Circle track guys and road racers really do have something in common.

10WT Drag Race Oil (0W10)

If you can keep oil temp under control, this one will pay dividends.

70WT Nitro Drag Race Oil

Why so thick? That blower is yanking on the crank!