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Outlaw Sprint Car racer Jonathon Allard is tearing up the Golden State Challenge Series and King of California ranks on Red Line's 40wt Racing Oil, Heavy Shockproof, WaterWetter, and our suspension fluids. This young Chico, California, racer occassionally runs on the World of Outlaw tour, too. Allard is one of the many sprint car teams getting as many as 8 features out of one batch of oil, unheard of in this type of racing. His team simply turns on the internal heater in the dry sump tank to evaporate the alcohol from the motor oil (since ester-based oil's like Red Line feature this capability). The team's work at the track is less and more time if focused on setup and having fun with the fans. The team runs 40WT Race Oil most often, but when the bigger shows come to town or when the team needs to squeeze out every last bit of power, they make a tactical move to 30WT Race, which provides less drag in the engine and only the slightest bit more wear over time.