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Q: How do I become a Red Line Oil Dealer?

Visit our wholesale distributor section of the website for a complete list of resources in your area. There are both local companies that can sell to your qualified shop at jobber prices, or you can lean on one of the bigger WDs like Keystone, where you may already buy auto parts for your local store. You can also call us at 800-624-7958 for a dealer info packet or a regional reference to a distributor. Qualifications depend on your type of shop, how long have you been in business, resale numbers, etc.

Q: How do I know which product variation to use in my car?

Reference your owner's manual and make a direct cross-reference from there. Most engines a use 5W30 motor oil for general use. Our most popular automatic transmission fluid is D4 ATF where a Dexron III, Mercon, or Mercon V is called for, as well. In reference to gear oils, your manual transmission will likely call for an ATF, GL-4 type or GL-5 type products. Red Line's popular MT-90 is a GL-4 type product.

Q: How often should I change my Red Line oil?

It depends on how you drive. If you do a lot of city driving or low speed/low frequency driving, we recommend oil changes at 7500 miles. Vehicles that see more highway driving can go a maximum of 15,000 to 18,000 miles with an oil filter change in between. Modern filter technology and the latest, clean-burning fuels have reduced the solids that contaminate oil, so frequent filter changes aren't usually necessary.

Q: Can I break-in my engine on Red Line motor oil?

For peformance engines, we recommend using conventional 10w30 motor oil to ensure proper piston ring seating. We recommend using this oil in combonation with our Engine Oil Break In Additive, which features the antiwear chemicals necessary to protect valve train components like camshafts, rollers, and tappets. Though most conventional oils are missing the important antiwear components that you find in Red Line's synthetic motor oils, the conventional oil is not as slick as Red Line and will allow the piston rings to seat more quickly. If you allow 1500 to 2000 miles in a street engine or 20 to 30 minutes on the dyno at low rpm, the rings will have had sufficient time to seat and the high initial break-in wear will have occurred. For new road cars, always follow the manufacturer recommendations and initial oil change recommendations for break-in.

Q: Do you recommend special oil for driveline break-in?

A differential or transaxle will break-in with a synthetic product without issue. Some aftermarket ring and pinion suppliers recommend adding additional friction modifier to reduce temperatures and friction during the critical break-in period. For this, you can use Red Line's Limited Slip Friction Modifier. Drain this mix after break-in and re-fill.

Q: Is WaterWetter compatible with antifreeze?

WaterWetter is compatible with all antifreezes including the new extended-life types that are "factory-fill" in your new road car. Simply pour in one bottle for most road cars or light trucks.

Q: How can I get Red Line Oil to sponsor my race team?

We carefully review all racing proposals submitted, but please understand that we receive nearly 1,000 proposals each year and cannot return your proposal. All proposals should be submitted by no later than the October prior to your racing season. Send all proposals to: Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation, attn: Sponsorship, 6100 Egret Court, Benicia, CA 94510. Proposals submitted by email and fax cannot be accepted.

Q: Where can I buy Red Line Oil products?

Access the Dealer Locator section of this website to find one of 5000 dealers around the globe. Mail order giants like Summit and Jegs sell most of our products. Advance Auto Parts stocks our motor oil and chemicals, with many other products available through their commercial and performance catalogs. Auto Zone and Pep Boys also stock WaterWetter and our SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

Q: Is a special oil filter required to use Red Line Oils?

No, we simply recommend using a quality filter, whether it's for your engine or transmission.

Q: Should I flush my engine or driveline before using Red Line's synthetic lubricants?

A flush isn't necessary or advised, as Red Line's products are compatible and will mix with other synthetics and petroleum products.

Q: Will using Red Line products void my vehicle's factory warranty?

Using the appropriate Red Line product shouldn't invalidate your vehicle's warranty and question the mechanic or service manager that says so.